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We are scientists.

We are engineers.

We are IEEE.

Welcome to the IEEE-UEL Student Branch website.

The IEEE-UEL Student Branch belongs to IEEE - the largest professional non-profit organization in the world.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is present in more than 160 countries and has more than 423,000 active members.

Its main mission is to promote science and technology for the benefit ou humanity

Empower to build a better society

Founded in 2011, the IEEE-UEL Student Branch is the IEEE representation within the State University of Londrina

Guided by the derise to make difference, we seek to empower out members so that they are able to contribute to the community

We want out volunteers to be able to carry out technical activities and, more than that, we want our activities to improve people's life.

Logo Ramo IEEE UEL

We develop projects

that use technology to benefit the community

We organize events and classes

to promote the training of all the members in their interest's areas

We carry out social actions

to contribute to the society's well-being

Chapters that are part of our history


Power and Energy


This chapter seeks to use the latest trends in the areas of sustainable power and energy to improve the way we consume and distribute energy.


Robotics and Automation 


Through the power of automation and robotics, we develop projects that show in practice the technical and social applications of this area.

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Using the applied areas of Computer Science, we seek to develop projects that use these tools to facilitate and improve people's daily lives.

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Society on Social

Implications of Technology 

Changing people's lives using technology is one of out main missions. Soon, we will have a chapter in out Student Branch dedicated to this.

Women in Engineering

WIE UEL is an organization affiliated to the IEEE-UEL Student Branch and aims to encourage and celebrate women studying science and engineering.

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Meet our Team!


Branch Chair

Murilo Manoel José dos Reis

The members that make our Student Branch come true

Follow us!

We are constantly updating our social media to show what we do.

If you want to know more details about our work, follow the posts on our blog.

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